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At the moment, I would never even consider running Denova in a PUG. You couldn't make the rewards high enough for me to even attempt it. It's way too coordination dependent and not conducive at all to PUGs.

Most people on the PTS felt the same way, so they took it out as a possibility.
Perhaps, but I would think it's server/community dependent. If the Group Finder were to ever evolve into having some kind of gear check/remote inspection capability/codex check, then it might make sense to have it. Regardless though, it would definitely have to be a separate tier in the Group Finder so that folks that are uncomfortable pugging it could simply uncheck it, right?

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When they come out with some sort of 'gear check' they could add these things. Already getting PUG with individuals who have 12k HP in LI HM. No thanks.
I'm generally against WoW style gear score checks. In the spirit of providing constructive feedback, I'd really like the codex check for certain hard modes. If someone's queuing for LI HM, it'd probably be wise for them to have first gotten the codex entry for LI SM. At the very least you'd feel comfortable that this toon has gone through the content at some point in time. The same would apply for HM EV/SM, it would be really nice to introduce those into the Group Finder as queue choices, but requiring the existence of the story mode codex entry would be awesome.

Just my 2 cents