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07.03.2012 , 12:03 AM | #2
yeah armourmech creates new armour, so if youve found yourself a set of orange that you want to keep, then its pretty much pointless staying as it.

going cybertech is better, especially if you plan on making alts, you can get low level orange gear and keep modding and updating regularly.

the only benefit of armourmech if when you get to 400/400. you can create rakata wrists/waist which are the 2nd best PvE ones in the game.

with 1.3 you can reverse engineer and get materials to make augmentation kits, which can make you a bit of profit, but by the time you are 400/400 the price will of dropped so profit margins will be slim IMO.

Basically, for the way i play alts etc armourmech is pointless.