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Imagine this... A new player just finishes his/her starter world quests and arrives at his/her fraction's space station for the first time. He/She meets his advanced class trainer and makes his/her choice. He/She then goes to a quest giving vender and receives a quest to go to a war zone...

He/She queues into the war zone excited to try out SWTOR PVP... He/She leaves the safe zone... and...

POW Fully PVP geared Level 50 Juggernaut Leaps at him, CC, Force Choke, AOE, Slow, CC, Pew Pew.


Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope. He/She ain't going back for another 40 levels.

Yeah. Really. Is this the kind of "non-ganking" pvp that you designed us to have BW?

lol, sorry but i have to say it. youmadbro?? haha
the pvp issue(if there is any) is too soon to tell if it's imbalanced or just fine.
i will agree, it's a bit wired. they seem to match just about every level in the random bg's... but they even out with the buff's, increase in damage, increase in hit points etc

i think this is just for starters. let people get the feel for it right now, and then they will bring level ranges later.