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Quote: Originally Posted by Capt_Beers View Post
Did you try having the group leader reset the phase for those who tried it already? Or having them restart/abandon the quest? Seems like that may have been able to fix it.
lol. not laughing at you but we must have reset the mission a thousand times.
all I know is three times this week I had an awesome group together and three times we had to split up after about an hour of getting everyone together, and it wasn't because people just wanted to leave.

the warp to location feature broke once, someone started too early once, but it seemed the main problem was that some of our players had done the mission during the current week, died...couldn't complete it because it was too tough and couldn't try it again.

Thats not too mention how hard and time consuming it was to get Ranked Warzones together and have people leave.

All I'm saying is this is SOCIAL game.

When people...try and try and try again to be SOCIAL but CAN'T. That's not good.

I'm sure BW is trying to fix this. I believe all these things are fixable.

1. debug the warp to location feature
2. If one player goes ahead because he's impatient. Make it so everyone has to click a ready icon when walking through the first door so this doesn't happen.
3. MOST IMPORTANTLY let someone who couldn't complete a mission, try again with a different group.