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UPDATED for Patch 1.6! Click Hyperlinks for Talent Specs.

Arsenal Specs (PvE):
Arsenal Specs (PvP):
Pyrotech Specs (PvE):
Pyrotech Specs (PvP):
Bodygaurd Specs (PvE):
Bodygaurd Specs (PvP):
Interactive KeyBinding Guide For All Classes
Arsenal Video Rotation Guide
Aerro's Mercenary Stats, Rotation, & Gearing Guide:
My BIS PvE Gear Setup [With all 4 Buffs]:
  • 35% crit, 75-80% surge, the rest into power.
  • All augments should be Reflex 22.
  • All mods: Agile 27 / Agile 27A (Testing: Nimble mod 27 for healers to get to about 42% crit).
  • All Enhancements: Adept 27 / Initiative 27 (For DPS, make sure accuracy is about 100%)
  • All Shells: Tionese/Columni/Rakata because their set bonus is attached to shell, not armoring. Allows you to place Reflex 27 armoring in all slots for max stats.
  • All Armorings: Reflex 27
  • Barrel: Reflex 27

PvP Dps Pro Tip: Apply kolto shell to yourself before every warzone or duel starts, then quickly spec back to your dps spec. Free kolto shell buff

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