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Over the weekend I was playing several alts to get them at least up to the capital planets. I ran both Black Talon and Esseles several times for each alt. Not once, in at least six or seven different runs, did the chests appear.

I'm not talking about boss chests, or loot drops from mobs. I'm talking about the chests that are always in certain places.

In BT, on each run, the following chests were missing:
Chest in the room with the first droid boss (if you kill the captain): usually had adrenals or the like
Chest in the room with the admiral: usually had a piece of light armor of some kind
Chest in the room with the bonus droid boss: often contained the Black Talon Inquisitor's robe or the like

In Esseles:
Two chests in the room with all the Mandalorians (hangar): one had adrenals and the like and the other was usually a blue piece or better, IIRCC.
Chest in the trash area you have to jump down to: usually adrenals or medpacs or the like

None of these chests appeared in any of my runs through the FPs. Did BT with a Sorc and a Sniper and did Esseles with a Sent. So, I don't think it had to do with the class. Did I miss a patch note where they took out those chests? Has anyone else had this problem?