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Did some KP

First boss done easily. Then one dps disconnects.
So after some waiting we decide to 7-man second boss, and do it easily again, and then another dps disconnects.

So we kicked the disconnected and then we were stuck with a group 2 tanks 2 dps 2 healers, and no matter what we did, we could not make it work so that we could queue for replacements for our 2 missing dps. It was impossible to get new people. Well that was the end of that.
The same thing happened to me! ha!

Were you in my group?

I was qued up and very surprised that the 8 man group finder worked. Pretty fast, too.

But a player DCed (a tank) and the group fell apart just as quickly as it came together...

We beat the Rancor but couldnt get through the 2 gaurds...

Oh, and If you know the fights, it's no problem. But a voice chat (for all OPs / HMs) is helpful...