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This is the problem with linear gear progression. Every new tier of gear makes all older content obsolete. Its a terrible design choice. This is combined with the complete lack of unique gear. For top end gear, you're only choice is campaign or black hole. Yeh, you can move the mods/enhancements but thats not interesting!

Where are my unique implants/earpieces? You know, stuff with stupid names (Earpiece of Uberness) with stupidly stacked stats (200 endurance and 100 absorb) but not other stats? Stuff that allows us to really customise our build and go a bit crazy with the min-maxing!

"Incomparable-comparables" with a 5% drop chance.

Its stuff like that that keeps people grinding content. There should be different set bonuses from each raid, which should each give a whole set. So, if you are a shadow, for example, EV could drop a set with a bonus to armour penetration, KP could drop a set with a bonus to force regen whilst EC could drop a set that gives a bonus to force damage. All worth having, all useful in different situations, all would keep u grinding longer...
100% agree. Some people will argue that EQ truly hit its stride with the release of the Velious expansion and the Temple of Veeshan. Bioware could learn a TON from studying how Verant/Sony designed ToV. It had 3 different wings of difficulty with 2 armor sets for each class and the boss of the entire dungeon, Vulak'Aerr, dropped the pieces of uberness described in this post. I had the first Hobart's Helm in the game and it was absolutely thrilling when it dropped on our 2nd kill. The northern wing was the most challenging and it also had about 13 bosses to kill that all had a rare drop that made them worthwhile to kill. The Cloak of Thorns is a perfect example, this cape was so über I used it well into the next expansion because it had a self-click damage shield. Where are these unique items/item effects in swtor?

Fast-forward ~6 years. Some people will argue that WoW truly hit its stride with the release of Blackwing Lair. Bioware could learn a TON from studying how Blizzard designed BWL and copied EQ. It had 8-9 bosses of varying difficulties, including several gear-check/gateway bosses and the boss of the entire dungeon, Nefarian, dropped the pieces of uberness described in the previous post. The most difficult bosses dropped set pieces, however each boss had a rare drop that made them worthwhile to kill. I can remember the wing buffet dragons dropped an uber warlock piece we waited a long time to see and Nefarian dropped the BiS healer offhand that I waited quite a while to acquire. Farming the instance for these rare drops proved to be invaluable in progressing faster through the next major dungeon, AQ. Why hasn't Bioware picked up on this yet?

To conclude, these items of uberness are what make or break endgame itemization for hardcore raiders. Being able to be the only person in the game or on the server to have the aforementioned item of uberness is something we hardcore guys strive for! Damn right I was pimping my robe off Nefarian or helm off Vulak'Aerr when I knew nobody else had it yet. Bioware is kinda sorta on the right track with Kephess itemization. The armorings and ear/OH that only he drops somewhat fit this mold, but mostly miss the mark.

So what can Bioware learn from these dungeons that put their respective games "on the map" so to speak? 3 things; #1. You cannot make all itemization cookie-cutter style and expect hardcore raiders to keep running endgame content without a carrot on a stick in the form of these items of uberness. #2. Create a long and difficult dungeon with ATLEAST 2 gateway bosses that people will get stuck on for a week or more. This dungeon must be your masterpiece in order to set swtor apart from its competitors. #3 From studying these dungeons you will see that Swtor's boss mechanics are right on par (if not better, as they should be) with its predecessors, keep it up! But I would ask for an increase in difficulty, sure the casuals will complain, but when they see me rolling around with one of these items of uberness, guess what? They will be motivated, they will get better, they will down it. Fin.

P.s. before anyone asks, NO I don't want space dragons! =D