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12.19.2011 , 12:15 AM | #1
I just ran Athiss tonight, and it was very unrewarding.

Up until the group got to the beast boss outside the Sith temple proper, it felt like an instance built for 2 people. Then in the temple itself, the difficulty ramped up, making the whole experience rather inconsistent.

In addition, the boss was a slough, requiring too much healing to negotiate. Our level 19 Jedi Sage was not able to heal the massive damage the group was receiving with the periodic massive DoT the boss was dishing out. She would run out of force halfway through every time, and we would wipe shortly thereafter. This is the first time something like this has happened.

IMO the difficulty at the start needs to be closer to the difficulty at the end. Making the beginning pulls harder, and the last ones easier. Also, I think the boss having less health would be best.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? Anyone have any idea of what we did wrong?