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This is the problem with linear gear progression. Every new tier of gear makes all older content obsolete. Its a terrible design choice. This is combined with the complete lack of unique gear. For top end gear, you're only choice is campaign or black hole. Yeh, you can move the mods/enhancements but thats not interesting!

Where are my unique implants/earpieces? You know, stuff with stupid names (Earpiece of Uberness) with stupidly stacked stats (200 endurance and 100 absorb) but not other stats? Stuff that allows us to really customise our build and go a bit crazy with the min-maxing!

"Incomparable-comparables" with a 5% drop chance.

Its stuff like that that keeps people grinding content. There should be different set bonuses from each raid, which should each give a whole set. So, if you are a shadow, for example, EV could drop a set with a bonus to armour penetration, KP could drop a set with a bonus to force regen whilst EC could drop a set that gives a bonus to force damage. All worth having, all useful in different situations, all would keep u grinding longer...
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