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07.02.2012 , 03:40 AM | #5
I tanked this successfully for the first time last Friday evening (29th). The only group composition that worked was one with 2 ranged DPS (1 gunslinger, 1 commando). They stayed together around the solid parts of the floor away from me+droid, and any time one of them was targetted by one of those plasma grenades, they moved -- and healer was able to use AE heals to keep them up from random damage.

Every attempt with a melee DPS failed miserably due to Incinerate damage on the DPS, or a plasma grenade being thrown at them and forcing me to move early.

Quite seriously, this boss is FAR too hostile to melee DPS, unless they are massively overgeared and are at the top of their game. Ranged DPS can do the job with far far less hassle.