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12.13.2011 , 12:34 PM | #14
Great guide for Sith Assassins!

I have one question/comment/update though.

For Deception Assassins, wouldn't a better talent distribution be 8/31/2? Instead of putting 2 points into Entropic Field (which is a survival talent in the Deception tree) I put them into the Darkness Tree to fill out the Electric Execution Talent.

Also, 7/31/3 could be another alternative. Instead of filling out Electric Execution in the Darkness Tree I moved 1 point into Exploitive Strikes in the Madness Tree.

I am unsure which talent would provide more DPS (Electric Execution or Exploitive Strikes) without doing further testing in game. But I figured either talent would give more DPS than Entropic Field.

Anyone else care to comment on this?