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Yes, HB does not affect WS in ANY way.
Regarding crit chance I just found it to be worth mentioned since it's a guide about DF and it's one of the most important stats for us.
Feel free to fill it in

I guess you should read the sticky, I have posted a lot of stuff about DF there which should provide some interesting information for you.

Ah another thing: DO NOT REAPPLY YOUR DOTs! before they ran out.
People tend to forget that, seriously. It's important for your energy management to watch your enemie's debuffs.
Do not reapply a DOT before it's nearly gone.
If its not affecting wounding blast at all I'd report that as a pretty major bug. Just a quick few tests on my sniper and the mirror versions definitely do. I see a definite increase in the internal damage ticks of cull when weakening blast is up and the damage ticks use up the charges.