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You fail to see the picture clearly, all your interested in is if the game provides you with the challenge you desire. Look at it this way there are 2 types of players, raiders and non raiders (which is made up of a significant proportion of casuals). Raiders end game content are raids...pretty simple so far, and for non raiders/casuals there are flashpoints....why?. Because they can be generally completed in 30min to an hour and dont require co-ordination in many cases.
That's just beyond ridiculous. You're basically drawing up these arbitrary rules whereby serious players should only be doing 8-man or above content, and attaching a minimum duration to it.

First, I don't always have another seven players handy to form a raid group. Second, and more importantly, I like smaller group content. Group interaction is more personal, it's much less prone to stoppage, and I just like the combat dynamics. Furthermore, am I to believe that I'm only allowed to enjoy semi-challenging content if I can devote two to four hours at a time? I'm just not allowed to get three friends and have fun playing something shorter? I'm not going to say what I think of that proposition, because I'd start violating the code of conduct around here, but rest assured that I find your nonsensical assertions borderline offensive.

I'd also like to know where story EV and KP fit in your little collection of rules, seeing as they clearly have little relevance for serious players, and many casuals are (gasp) raiding in these instances.

As someone else has already highlighted, you have ten other flashpoints that you can faceroll. TEN. And you're still not happy because Lost Island violates your ridiculously strict and arbitrary laws about how content should be tuned. Well, too bad. We have only one lone flashpoint and one raid that has any degree of difficulty. Just leave us alone

I'm also confused as to how the following two assertions can be simultaneously possible:

1. No one clears LI for the gear.
2. LI is a "disaster" for the casual community because it blocks their gear progression.

...huh? Besides which, players of any calibre can now get almost full BiS gear with the ridiculous number of BH comms available. "Casuals" (I'm not a fan of the label, but now's not the time for that discussion) get a large portion of the best gear in the game handed to them on a plate, and have the vast majority of endgame content tuned for them. Isn't this enough for you? Don't you have some actual issues worth complaining about?