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Well when I began my career as DF Slinger I felt the same about ernergy but actually it's not that hard.
I do have 42% crit now +12% = 54% crit chance. This provides me alot of crits and energy.
It's true that we are trying to melt down a target afap but my DOTs are never ticking on only one target.
Like you said, shrap bomb is an aoe skill and it's essential to hit multiple targets.
Normally I don't even use it on a single one if it's not absolutely necessary.
It's always possible to hit more than one, they don't have to line up for that^^

Vital shot is also added randomly to weaken the enemy team and keep up my energy.
Still don't forget Flurry Of Bolts which should be added between your skills.

If you really have to freakin destroy a target then just use whatever you have.
It's situational but since we are focussed in ranked wzs just blow your skills and die --> full energy!
(Ofc this is not an option when defneding a node/door)

It's hard to make this up in theory... it just works^^

The reason why I prefer DF is the internal dmg and the ability to deal damage when not even there.
It's a nice hit and run gameplay which is not cover binded and that normally is like holding up a sign: "HERE PLEASE KILL ME"

So yea, no cover - no dead^^
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