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I wish the people who are so offended by Lost Island's "difficulty" could just manage to look at it from a different perspective.

I enjoy the game when I actually get to play it. As in, when I'm actually required to think about what I'm doing, and when stupid mistakes get punished. LI HM and EC HM is the only content in this game where that happens (well, perhaps healing J&S on KP NiM might just qualify as well, although it's more of a HPS check). Everything else - tier 1 ops, HM flashpoints, story denova - can be sleepwalked through.

I don't say this with the intention of boasting, and I don't think everything in this game should be rock hard. It's just that, frankly, this game is not very hard at all, and for those of us who derive enjoyment from matching ourselves against a challenge and striving to perform well, we have one operation and one flashpoint. Surely that's not too much to ask? Discussing the loot drops vs effort required is one thing, but does the flashpoint really need a nerf? Is it really so bad to have one lone piece of 4-man content with a modicum of challenge?
You fail to see the picture clearly, all your interested in is if the game provides you with the challenge you desire. Look at it this way there are 2 types of players, raiders and non raiders (which is made up of a significant proportion of casuals). Raiders end game content are raids...pretty simple so far, and for non raiders/casuals there are flashpoints....why?. Because they can be generally completed in 30min to an hour and dont require co-ordination in many cases.

HM LI is a mini raid being passed off as a flashpoint, good for those that want a challenge but a dissaster for many of the casual community. Take away their end game content and gear progression and many become bored and will unsub. Give the casuals their flashpoints for entertainment and we can keep our raids ( and difficulty) that way all parties are happy. For if we lose the casual component of the playerbase the game is as good as dead.

And for the recoed I have completed HM LI