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Let's cut the posturing and look at the facts. Plenty of people have cleared this flashpoint with two melee DPS. You stand behind the boss. When coils land, the tank moves the boss to a safe location, and faces him towards the next destination. Since you're melee DPS and you have no reason to ever move off the boss (most of the time, even if the boss isn't moving because of a cast, you can still DPS him from the side and stay out of bad stuff... you know, apply a tiny fragment of thought to what you're doing), you can interrupt Incinerate. Rinse and repeat.

I'm still wondering why melee dps are any problem on the robot. Oh yes, if the tank is bad and can't tank a mob while moving, I can see, but otherwise ?

We recently went on this boss with 2 people who had very low experience of the boss, including the tank. It only took 1 try to kill it with 2 melee dps. Just because the tank was explained what to do, just because a melee dps was taking care of incinerate. I agree a lot of things are happening there, but OP is wrong when he thinks that this content is not doable. The damage output on this encounter is not even over the top. It is only if incinerate is not interrupted and if dps stands in electical bubble. Other than that it's a very standard damage taken output encounter.
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