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I have to agree with many posters here.

Lost Island is advertised as Tier 2 Flashpoints, where all other FP are advertised as Tier 1. I agree a non experienced player might be tricked and sign up with this flashpoint, to understand he can't complete it (the first boss, before the robot, should already be a clue).

However, as many other said before, this is the ONLY challenging flashpoint. There is a total of 11 HM and only 1 which requires a good group coordination. There are people in this game who are more talented or "hardcore" than others, and Bioware also need their money, and they also need to have somekind of challenge for them.

And please no, no gearchecks or whatever before you can use this LFG tool. Once again, the mind should prevail.
There are many players out there who can roll through the FP with very bad gear, the clues are how many groups started to 2-Man HM. Do you really think the people 2-manning HM need Tionese geared toon to 4-man them ? You know they don't.

Too many restrictions on a tool make it unusable.
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