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ok folks, i understand that for some of you, lost island is an easy mode fp. this is NOT true of melee dps. my sentinel cannot go into LI at all because it is so anti-melee. this place is ridiculously overtuned to be dropping MAINLY columi gear. and no i'm not a fresh 50, i am 2/5 rakata with everything else besides my MH being columi. i've dont my time in FPs and OPs, and im here to tell you this place makes even denova(2/4 HM) look like a joke. so tell me plz how you justify a FLASHPOINT, t2 or not bein harder than any OP in the game?
Im assuming you mean the first boss? its usually the thing people say is the anti melee?

If so i can tell you it may take you a few tries but you will see it is possible with 2 melee dps your tank and healer.

The main thing i got wrong at first was thinking that it was a dps race to kill him its not when the arcs make it so you cant get near the droid back off wait for healing and one of the arcs surrounding to be removed and you can access to dps again as long as your tank keeps doing his job the other dps should be helping you attack however when the adds come move straight to them and take care making sure the healer doesnt get hit at all

it can be done my friend dont let it frustrate you into messing up if this isnt the part thats anti melee for you ask and ill do my best to help