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07.01.2012 , 11:02 PM | #19
ok folks, i understand that for some of you, lost island is an easy mode fp. this is NOT true of melee dps. my sentinel cannot go into LI at all because it is so anti-melee. this place is ridiculously overtuned to be dropping MAINLY columi gear. and no i'm not a fresh 50, i am 2/5 rakata with everything else besides my MH being columi. i've dont my time in FPs and OPs, and im here to tell you this place makes even denova(2/4 HM) look like a joke. so tell me plz how you justify a FLASHPOINT, t2 or not bein harder than any OP in the game? (referral link, would appreciate it if you would click, free items for you and me)