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Quote: Originally Posted by Ardim View Post
Main source of energy is supposed to be your auto energy regeneration, not the DoT crits...

If we assume:
  • 38% tech crit chance
  • 12% added crit chance on DoTs from the Black Market Equipment skill
  • 100% uptime on Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot
  • Use of Wounding Shots every 9.0s
Then the energy regen from Fighting Spirit is ~1.4 per second, on average. With higher or lower DoT crit chance, it scales proportionally.

This energy regeneration is lower than even the lowest passive energy bracket. I hope we're spending relatively little time in the lowest bracket. Of course, in a chaotic environment such as PvP, it is a poor assumption that both DoTs will have 100% uptime and that WS will be used on cooldown.

It's subjective whether we call ~20% of total energy regen a "large part", but I don't think it's reasonable to call it our "main source".