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it should be pushed into HM or Ops category this dungeon.
Its not a raid its a tier 2 hmfp because its a tier 2 it gives rakata gear because it can be run by 4 people it will never be classed as an op.

Please correct me if i am wrong and i apologise if i am but does the LFG tool have tier 1 hmfps on which is all the fps apart from LI?

I was also told if you complete the tier 1 you dont get the bh dailies from tier 2 on the same day?

If this is true then it clearly states in the LFG options that LI is infact a tier 2 fp so why would anyone complain about its toughness?

Im sorry for being short here but its a little annoying that people complain about having a challenge for themselves when they get to endgame so my advice is this if people are really going to rage quit over the difficulty of a hmfp instead of challenging themselves to beat it ..... go play a different game .... i suggest pac man there is no challenge there