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First of all, I played gunslinger since the beginning and when it comes to pve I'm fully bis and I also play pure dirty fighting (2/8/31). I love the class and spec and will keep playing it.

But i can't get past the issue i have with df and pvp (after they removed dots interrupting stuff). Energy = dmg, so more energy recovery = more dmg, i think we can all agree to that. Your main source of energy as dirty fighter is dots critting on enemies. So basically you get more energy the longer the target stays alive. And thats where i have problems with this. Your job as a dps is to bring targets down fast. And usually by latest, with your second wounding shots, your target should be dead (most of the time before that). Unless your shooting at someone being constantly healed, at which point you should be shooting the healer anyway (2 or more healers chain-healing eachother is exception).

I know df can bring high dmg numbers and get regularly 500-600k dmg and whatnot on a normal wz. But when it comes to objective based play (you know, the one with teamwork where you try and cap objectives and stuff like that). I cant think of a reason why play df gs. You could argue that you can hit 3 targets with shrap bomb and get energy from those other 2, but its not always an option. It's not like you have people lining up for each of your shrap cd's to comfortably hit them all.

My point is basically if you keep killing targets fast enough (which you should), you will run out of energy.

Can someone please give me a reasonable explanation if and why I'm wrong.
Main source of energy is supposed to be your auto energy regeneration, not the DoT crits which is why I try to keep as energy conservative and as much energy as I can. Also, do you use Flurry of Bolts? If not, well... Better start using it between skills, especially in PvE where sustained DPS is more important. It would help if I knew your rotation.
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