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Yeah I know the duration is shorter, but for me, nine seconds is enough time to do that big burst of damage. Also, I don't completely follow that rotation I posted, but it's what I try to follow. I sometimes throw things around.

You sure? I mainly assumed so since Wounding Shots consumes those 10 ticks of Hemorrhaging Blast.

Concerning stats, I'm not saying that you should neglect the other stats like crit chance. But yeah, definitely avoid alacrity.
Yes, HB does not affect WS in ANY way.
Regarding crit chance I just found it to be worth mentioned since it's a guide about DF and it's one of the most important stats for us.
Feel free to fill it in

I guess you should read the sticky, I have posted a lot of stuff about DF there which should provide some interesting information for you.

Ah another thing: DO NOT REAPPLY YOUR DOTs! before they ran out.
People tend to forget that, seriously. It's important for your energy management to watch your enemie's debuffs.
Do not reapply a DOT before it's nearly gone.
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