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Quote: Originally Posted by Riiquiem View Post
I knew I should have released my guide earlier but nevermind..

1. Rotation:

vital shot (VS)- hemo blast (HB)- shrap bomb (SB)- flourish shot (FS)- sab charge (SC)- wounding shot (WS)- speed shot.
The correct order of hemo blast and flourish shot are important.
This way you can boost the FIRST ticks of VS and SB and you use FS full heal debuff as an addition to your burst.
Don't forget that its duration is much shorter than the armor debuff.

2. HB buffs WS:

Sorry to disappoint you but it simply does not.

3. Stats:

Power and Surge are always stats nice to have. But you forgot to mention that it's freakin essential for our energy management to have a high crit chance. DF specced players should at least aim for 35% without buff.
Just to complete it - avoid alacrity.

4. Spec:

Will come back later to this one
Yeah I know the duration is shorter, but for me, nine seconds is enough time to do that big burst of damage. Also, I don't completely follow that rotation I posted, but it's what I try to follow. I sometimes throw things around.

You sure? I mainly assumed so since Wounding Shots consumes those 10 ticks of Hemorrhaging Blast.

Concerning stats, I'm not saying that you should neglect the other stats like crit chance. But yeah, definitely avoid alacrity.
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