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Rapter's Guide to Fighting Dirty Like a Boss

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Author Notes
2. Pros and Cons
3. Talents and Builds
4. Spec Overview, the Basics, and What to Do
5. Strategies Against Other Classes
6. Final Note

1. Introduction and Author Notes

Hello everyone! I play a lot of different characters and one of them is a Dirty Fighting Gunslinger which is an absolute blast to play as. And so, I decided to write this guide out of a combination of boredom, requests from friends, to help people out when they play this spec, and because I haven't seen a specific guide for this spec yet. Note that this guide is mainly for PvP, though tactics may only need to be slightly adjusted for PvE. Also, I will assume that in this guide, you know the basics of playing a Gunslinger.

So far, I have played (to 50) a tank Vanguard, a Annihilation Marauder, a Concealment Operative, and a Pyrotech Mercenary, and of course, the Dirty Fighting Gunslinger. I PvP loads and also sometimes PvE. I don't claim to be the best, but I can certainly put up a very good fight and I'd like to think of myself as very adaptable. And perhaps with this guide, you can do the same and become a master ROFLslinger- *Cough* Ahem, I mean Gunslinger. If you plan to publish this somewhere else, give credit where credit is due. Anyways, now that that's done, read on.

- Captain Rapter Tangent

2. Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of the spec that I could think of so far when I play, not counting the usual basic Gunslinger pros and cons. There might be more that are not listed, but here are the ones that I know of.

- High damage, both sustained and burst
- Very mobile; allows you to kite
- DoTs take two skills to cleanse (Ex: In order to cleanse DoTs completely from a DF GS on my Operative when I want to escape, I have to use Cure and Evasion before disappearing into stealth)
- Reduced cooldowns on defensive skills like Dirty Kick and Leg Shot

- Careful Energy management; can burn away your energy bar if you're not watchful
- Requires both DoTs (Shrap Bomb and Vital Shot) to be on a target for Wounding Shots to hit hard
- No major improvements to AoE. You only get Shrap Bomb, and a reduced CD on Thermal Grenade

3. Talents and Builds

This is my current spec:

I wouldn't recommend getting Flash Powder as probably everyone in PvP has accuracy over 100% and it won't affect their accuracy very much unlike a Marauder's Obfuscate.

If you are wondering why I chose Dirty Trickster, it basically gives us another CC breaker which can come in handy in situations like being the Huttball carrier or if you're trying to run away from someone and they slow you down. Note however, it will only work against roots and slows.

You may not think Bravado is very important, but this spec is energy demanding so it's best to have as much energy as you can. I've played with and without Bravado and there is a noticeable difference. Having this makes it slightly easier to manage your energy.

Feel free to modify this spec. I can't really force you to play a certain way; only guide you. But for me, this spec maximizes damage all the while improving our defense.

4. Spec Overview and the Basics

This spec is primarily designed to burn down single targets. Your most vital skills are Wounding Shots, Vital Shot, Shrap Bomb, and Hemorrhaging Blast. Make sure they are in easy reach of pressing. Next skills your should prioritize are defensive skills like Dirty Kick, Leg Shot, etc. And third, the filler skills like Flourish Shot and Speed Shot.

Probably one of the most important things to note about this spec is you'll almost never need to take cover. On my own slinger, the only time I ever take cover is when I use Wounding Shots and Speed Shot (To ensure it does not get interrupted while the latter is only useable in cover), or to use Pulse Detonator. So in short, kite someone. Especially melee classes.

My rotation is something like this when I am able to wreak havoc uninterrupted:

Flourish Shot -> Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot -> Hemorrhaging Blast -> Wounding Shots -> Speed Shot -> Shrap Bomb -> Vital Shot -> Wounding Shots -> Sabotage Charge -> Hemorrhaging Blast -> Flurry of Bolts -> Wounding Shots again when it is up -> Repeat from Beginning

However, it is not absolute. One person uses this rotation:

Vital shot -> Hemorrhaging Blast -> Shrap Bomb -> Flourish Shot -> Sabotage Charge -> Wounding Shots -> Speed Shot

I recommend using Flurry of Bolts between each skill to allow energy to recharge. This spec gives Cool Head a 1m 30s cooldown, allowing you to use it more often, but you should still always use it only in emergencies. Use Quickdraw whenever possible as well. Hard hitting instant skill. Definitely handy.

Wounding Shots will basically be your most powerful attack and you will rely on it a lot to burn down targets. My reasons for using Speed Shot is filler; you never want to stop shooting and dealing damage. It does just as much damage as Aimed Shot, but you don't have to cast it. In fact, you will virtually never use cast skills with this spec.

Before hopping into fights, I suggest using Shield Probe. Every little defense helps. This spec also gives it a reduced cooldown so use it whenever. In a fight where you and your opponent are at extremely low health, this skill might very well save your life.

Concerning the DoTs, it is best to wait them out and let them expire into their weak forms before reapplying them, but I personally use them, perhaps by habit, when they near the end of their duration or as a filler.

Here is a list of skills that has had their cooldown reduced with this spec:

- Dirty Kick (Originally 45s, now 30s AND increases run speed by 30% for 4 seconds. Handy for getaways)
- Flash Grenade (Originally 1m, now 45s)
- Pulse Detonator (Originally 30s, now 25s)
- Thermal Grenade (Originally 6s, now 3s. Handy for interrupting people in situations like defusing bomb in Voidstar)
- Cool Head (Originally 2m, now 1m 30s)
- Escape (Originally 2m, now 1m 30s)

For stats, I mainly focus on Power and Surge. Wounding Shots tends to critical hit a lot since it is a volley of blaster fire and therefore, is composed of many different hits (I'd say about twelve total; four blasts that compose the duration, and the two extra hits for each second from your DoTs assuming Vital Shot and Shrap Bomb is on your target). You'll want those hits to hit harder. Don't neglect other stats though (Except Alacrity. You shouldn't be using any cast skills). Get critical chance to 35% when you can.

5. Strategies Against Other Classes

So now you know the skills. Now you have to learn to apply them against each opponent. Every class fights differently and you need to be ready and adapt instantly if you want to come out on top. These strategies assume you are alone against another target who is also alone and that target is trying to kill you and come from personal experience.

Against Marauders: Ah, Marauders. Probably the most lethal melee class in the game played properly. So, let's put ourselves into a situation. You're charging towards a door on Voidstar and all of a sudden, a Marauder Force Charges at you.

What I would do is Dirty Kick him immediately and gain some distance before I apply my DoTs and use Hemorrhaging Blast. Take cover and Hunker Down before using Wounding Shots and Speed Shot. Right now, the Marauder will most likely be running at you, trying to rip you to pieces. Remain in cover for now until he finally reaches you, then use Pulse Detonator.

Immediately get out of cover and gain distance while you use your rotation. Be sure to reapply DoTs accordingly, use Wounding Shots whenever you can, and if you need more distance, use Leg Shot and run. Use Surrender if the Marauder inflicts a slow on you and run. Do not attempt to fight this class head-on. Distance is the key to victory against Marauders.

If a Marauder manages to catch up to you, another cooldown you can use is Dodge. For three seconds, you will have a 100% defense against all of his attacks except for Force Scream.

Quickdraw when the Marauder reaches 30% health. If the Marauder uses Undying Rage, do not panic. Flash grenade him, even if your DoTs are on him. It slows him down for a split second. If Leg Shot is up, however, use that instead and run. Once it expires, finish him off.

For Operatives: Ah Operatives. My favorite class. Depending on which spec you fight, you may need to adjust tactics accordingly. For Concealment, if you get knocked flat on your face, immediately Dirty Kick when you get up and gain distance. Just like a Marauder, distance is the key to victory. Apply DoTs, keep your distance, use Wounding Shots whenever possible, etc. Most Operatives I fight don't know that a DF GS DoTs can only be cleansed with two skills, in their case, a combination of Cure and Evasion (Assuming they specced Evasion to cleanse all effects). A amusing sight is a Operative re-stealthing to get away only to pop out seconds later because they failed to properly cleanse.

Lethality Operatives can be trickier. You are practically fighting yourself, but they have the advantage of being able to Cure your DoTs. However, their main weakness is that the counterpart to Wounding Shots, Cull, has a range of only 10m. Make sure you keep a distance beyond that and you will prevail as Operatives have limited ranged abilities that can actually hit more than 10m.

For Mercenaries: Against Mercenaries, once again depending on the spec, you might need to adjust tactics. Arsenal is very laughable. Just use Distraction (Interrupt) against Tracer Missile before going pew pew on them. If you can't kill them by the time Tracer Missile is back up, try to LoS them, or, if you're feeling bold, run up and Dirty Kick them. You can freely fight this class head-on at close range if you know what you're doing. Do the usual; apply DoTs, use Wounding Shots whenever possible, etc. and with the added addition of using Distraction against Tracer Missile whenever possible.

Pyrotech is much trickier to deal with however. As their attacks are all ranged and since they aren't dependent on one skill, you'll have your work cut out for you. It will be a pure DPS race. Follow the usual procedure of applying DoTs and using Wounding Shots, but interrupt Power Shot whenever possible. Unload has a higher chance of granting a Rail Shot proc than Power Shot, but Power Shot can be casted repeatedly while Unload has a somewhat lengthy cooldown. That is all I can really say.

For Juggernauts: Same strategy against Maruaders. However, one thing to note is the 4s immunity to control effects after a Force Charge. Watch for that when fighting Juggernauts. The icon looks like a fist holding a chain. Dirty Kick them after it expires and do the usual.

For Snipers: Our snickering, evil, spy, counterparts.

Against Marksmanship snipers, the best thing to do is LoS them. Most skills in that spec require them to take cover and therefore, become sitting ducks. Use Dodge whenever they use Ambush and/or Series of Shots. As they are Ranged attacks, you will be protected from them and these are the skills that hit the hardest.

I unfortunately, do not have any experience in the Saboteur/Engineering spec. I therefore cannot provide any specific tips against this spec.

Oh boy... Lethality. For this, it mainly all comes down to who shoots first and player skill. Interrupt Cull as fast as you can to take less damage and LoS Cull if your interrupt is on cooldown. If the other player attempts to do this as well, Dirty Kick, Leg Shot, Pulse Detonator them, etc., before using Wounding Shots. Other than that, follow the usual procedures.

Against Assassins: Follow the same strategy you would for dealing with a Marauder; keep your distance. However, the most important skill you should watch out for against them is Force Shroud. It will cleanse all the DoTs off and give them Force/Tech immunity for a short time. When that happens, just run until it expires. Dirty Kick does not work while it is up. You can try and Leg Shot, but I don't know if it will work because I personally have not tried and observed it.

Against Sorcerers: The two DPS specs of Sorcerer basically carry the same quality of ranged damage. For Lightning, interrupt Thundering Blast if a Sorcerer attempts to cast it at you. If Affliction is on you and it gets casted, it is a guaranteed critical hit on you. Needless to say, it hurts.

For Madness, all I can really say is DPS faster than the other guy.

Against Powertechs: Like Marauders, the key to defeating Powertechs is distance as their main damage comes from close combat. You shouldn't have much problems against Shield Tech if you keep your distance as their main attack is Rocket Punch. In fact, as long as you keep your distance, the only real spec you have to watch out for is Pyrotech.

The absolute most important thing against Powertech Pyros, in my opinion, really is distance. The only way they can proc Rail Shot is with Flame Burst or Rocket Punch and those are both close range attacks. Maintain a distance of more than 30m and hopefully you shouldn't have too much problems.

Against Healers: Against Healers, you should follow your usual procedure of burning down and killing. However, have a handy finger ready to press the interrupt button accordingly. Here is the list of skills you should interrupt:

- Operatives: Kolto Injection
- Sorcerer: Dark Heal, Revivication (If trying to heal a large group of people)
- Mercenary: Rapid Scan

When fighting Operative Healers, save your Dirty Kick and use them when they reach 30% or so health so they can't use Surgical Probe to save themselves. Finish them quickly during this time.

For Mercenaries, interrupt only Rapid Scan. It is their only heal without a cooldown.

For Sorcerer, you might have the urge to interrupt Innervate as it is a casted heal, but it should be saved for Dark Heal as Dark Heal has no cooldown and has a 1.5 second cast time. Innervate possesses a 9 second cooldown (Assuming person does not have set bonus); plenty of time for you to do a lot of damage.

Final Note

I hope this guide was helpful in understanding the Dirty Fighting spec. Good luck out there, Captains.

- Captain Rapter Tangent
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