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This was my opinion, and you are entitled to yours. I think you are wrong and are just jazzed to be playing swtor.
as you stated, this was your opinion. so here is mine :

1 - Even if you seems to understand the term "opinion" you do not seems to understand the term "respect" because both of those terms are pretty tied togheter.

2 - I personally love voidstar. Yes sometimes i would beg to have that 1 extra little second i need to cap the bomb, but this is part of the challenge and of the strategy. Usually, most of the peoples go on one side and a little group of 2 or 3 more skilled players go on the other side to keep most of them occuped or try to cap fast by killing one or 2 of them trying to guard. This strategy works most of the time.

I've seen a lot of voidstar warzones finish with a 2 or 3 seconds difference between attackers and defenders (particularily one where the attacker ennemy team was just beside the final computer and they couldn't cap because missing one second, and in the same warzone, when we were attackers, we capped the computer with 2 seconds remaining. pretty close fight. was one of the most action packed and thrilling warzone i've ever played).

3 - Concerning other warzones. For pplz that are used to warzones/warfronts/BGs/etc... They usually have the same mechanic. I think that bioware did a good job trying to create warzones that feels a lot more different than in other games.

- I love the football equivalent in huttball,

- i love voidstar and huttball that are probably one of the most strategic intensive warzone of any games,

- and i love the way we have to play with the terrain (environment) to be able to succeed in huttball and Alderaan.

4 - I admit one big problem though :

Even if the bolster system is good in itself because we can't be one shotted like in some other games (like warhammer online), there should be 3 brakets in pvp. one for the lowbies (like level 10 to 20); one for the mid game players (like level 20-49); and one for the level 50s.

I know there are not of level 50s at the moment and the ones that are actually 50 will have to wait longer for queues, but they are totally ruining some warzones plays. I happened to pop in a warzone where it was totally a mess with 45-50s on one side and level 10-20 on the other. The lowbies just didn't stand a chance.

The lowbie braket would also be usefull for them to learn how to play in a warzone. How many times i pop in a warzone where half of the team just don't know what to do with the ball (in huttball) and just stand in the middle or try to go cap on our side and actually help the other team.

plus, as level 50s get better and better high end pvp gear, it will eventually be impossible to fight against some of them.