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07.01.2012 , 10:34 AM | #17
I got on the forums today just to find such a thread. I agree that the group finder is a huge improvement over spamming chat (which I never even bothered to do on my old "dead" server). I'd prefer to be out doing dailies while I am queued. It would be nice not to be mid-Belsavis when my queue pops (which I won't turn down for dailies), only to have to travel back, and have it pop again before I get going on my dailies again. One of the things I was looking foward to with the group finder was not having to stand around on fleet when I have no more errands to run. I'd rather be out completing dailies and not just seeing how many times I can travel to them. Still, this game is much improved over WoW in too many other ways for me to go back...