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It's painfull... Tried 4 times (The last one didn't count, tbh, because 6 guys were from the same guild and I was specifically invited as a "friendly" backup to patch their lack of healers on that day... With my Scoundrel Alt in Rakata gear, so go figure the level of outgearing of that run)

Returning to pure PuGs... I have encountered all the bugs mentioned here just in the 2 1st attempts... In particular if you have ppl locked to some encounters... That seems to open the Pandora's Box... You will have ppl that instant travel do not work, split into different instances and ppl not getting the BH reward quest (Didn't finish any of the pure PuG runs... So can't confirm if lacking the "Group Finder" quest denies you the reward... As on HM FP you don't get any special extra quest and on the 4th run every1 had the quest and everything went smooth).

But that's only the 1st problem... The next is a more crippling one. It's the PvP soloers... I don't know the rest... But over the brief period (All days since 1.3 hitted... Obviously on the HM T1 queue... No single pure PuG LI has been successfull so far) I have been systematically farming the 5 bh... I only found 1 person exclusively geared for PvE (He was in bad blues... But all of them coming from PvE activities)... The rest of the components of the PuG parties I have been tanking (On purpose... I wanted to check how the system is... Instead of using the easy approach of going with my Gm8s to speedrun farm this) have always come with PvP gear of varied levels. Why is this a problem? Simple... Months of WZ solo queues have created a habit on the "expected duration" on anything accessed through a queue... On the 3 100% PuGs to EV & KP I have tried... We lost ALWAYS at least 1 person at the moment I explained the average duration of a run... The persons that left were systematically PvPers (Notice what I call a "PvPer" here... Some1 with Valor Rank and good proportion of PvP gear). Coincidence? Bad luck? I don't think so... it's the filtering of 6 months of solo PvP queues that has "created" this common profile of player.

On those 3 100% PuGs... I manage to explain patiently tactics to beat XR on EV twice (With the exception above of ppl leaving at the very moment I dared to say average full run duration... That forced us to recruit new ppl)... 1 EV failed on the way to Gharj due to ppl been frustrated by been killed on the trash (Healers weren't brilliant on that one) and the other at Gharj because the tank was a 1stimer (I was with my Healer Alt on that run) and, tbh, Gharj can be quite confusing for some1 new to MMOs and to tanking (It was embarrassing how he was treated, tbh... A lot of ppl is crying left and right about lack of tanks... But when they see a good willed guy trying to tank for the 1st time an OP that tries to follow the instructions of another player (me)... All are shouts and angry comments at him... From ppl that have no clue what they are talking about and are making the same or worse mistakes)...

...But Bonetrasher on KP, tbh, was a nightmare... Seem that doesn't matter how much times I explained it, but having a Giant Rancor looking at you makes the average 1st timer to run around like a headless chicken that invairably ends with an acid shower for him and with a lot of unnecesary damage applied on each Claw Swipe (There were 2 persons moving left and right all the time like if they believed moving around randomly will help them at all on PvE... I have seen it also on some HP FP this week... Is this somekind of autoscript/macro PvPers use to trigger facing errors while PvPing?).

EDIT: To avoid confusion... When I say I have encountered almost exclusively ppl with PvP gear... It's not just them that are a high proportion of the GF users... It's that dedicated PvErs avoid pure pugs by organizing full parties (As they have been doing from day-0) and then using the random HM FP/SM OP queues... Thus they are "invisible" from users that are "pure PuGing". Even more, as I have been queueing as tank (mostly), even most partial PvErs parties secure by default tank (and healer usually) before even bothering with FP activities... Making even harder for me to see them.

EDIT2: Before you jump to a wrong conclusion... I play on a PvE server with those characters.