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Overall, the experience is either smooth as silk or pure torture, with very little scope for anything in between.

If you have a person in the raid who's already done EV/KP SM and they don't zone in first (or are leader - maybe both)... the group gets split between 2 instances. The option to reset phase seemingly disappears and trying to get 8 people who've never met before to agree a viable solution doesn't happen.

Without voicecomms, the raid is limited to people either knowing the bosses well already and agreeing on tactics - or relying on someone very patient with good typing skills to do "cat herding".

Occasionally you get a player or two who's never done KP or EV before, at which point you learn how patient or intolerant yourself and your fellow players can be.

Add to that the players who only want to do EV and who won't accept on the group formation screen for KP runs.

Finally, there are the players who didn't deselect "heal" or "tank" when they queued as DPS, or the LFG reset their choice last time. In which case, you get 10mins of "who's healing?" or "who's the MT?" at the outset, before the group dissolves back into the ether.

Personally, I've never had a queue time less than 45mins as DPS. But then I've avoided using LFG for operations for the most part too. I have had some very good experiences with groups organised in /general first, then queue as a full 8man team. But we could have done that before LFG.

I'm not being theoretical here - I have experienced the "split group across two instances due to someone already locked", "herding cats", "watching people click decline for KP runs", "who's the healer?", "I've never done KP before" and "let's reform the group, maybe that will fix it" - and all within a single attempt at queueing for what ended up being a KP run that didn't even get started. In that same run, we also had about 5 people all wanting to be promoted to raid leader and 1 person who didn't know that he was the leader already. I've also done a successful entirely random group EV run too.

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