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Greetings Squidwalker!

You can find more information about our current list of Group Finder issues, as well as other game play issues, in our Known In-Game Issues thread by Live Community Coordinator, Amber Green:

Quote: Originally Posted by AmberGreen
Hello everyone! We appreciate you joining us to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and we hope you enjoy the game. As MMORPGs are large and complex projects, inevitably we do discover issues that may affect gameplay. We're working constantly to fix anything that will affect the player experience, but for now this is our current list of high priority in-game known issues.

UPDATED: June 28th, 2012

Group Finder
  • Group Finder will not allow players to select or queue for content that is already listed in their Mission Log.
    Workaround:Players must complete or abandon any Flashpoint or Operation missions that are currently in the Mission Log and then refresh the user interface (CTRL+U twice).

  • If group leadership is transferred manually after a group member quits or is vote-kicked, the new group leader will be unable to use the Group Finder to queue for a replacement player to fill the empty group slot until the group composition changes again.*

  • If a player gets an "Invalid Group" error, pressing the "Update Roles" button will cause the whole group, rather than only the player, to repeatedly see "Your group has been added to the group finder queue."

  • When players are prompted with a vote-kick popup, the role icon does not correctly match the role of the player named.

  • A group seeking replacement members via Group Finder that leaves the queue will not be able to select "Find Replacement" again, and will only be able to enter the queue for a new group that will reset their content.

  • After losing two party members, the Group Finder Icon Tooltip displayed to the Group Leader will incorrectly message that the group is queued for a replacement.

  • When attempting to manually add a replacement player to a group that is waiting to fill the slot via the Groupfinder Queue, players will not be given an error message indicating that their action is not allowed.
We hope this helps!