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So it's possible for them to simply take away your force sensitivity? If that's the case then why not just take it away from dark side users such as the sith? I'm a little confused about this process.
When this form of punishment is mentioned in Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, it is said to be an old form of punishment. It is likely that the Jedi Order at some point lost the knowledge that was necessary to use the Force in such a manner.

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What happens to Jedi that simply leave the order because of disagreements or broken codes? Do the Jedi make any attempt to stop them or keep them from becoming sith, or do they simply let them go along their merry way without and care or concern?
For the most part, it seems that those former Jedi are left alone, though I wouldn't be surprised if the Order attempted to keep watch over them, since they would still have abilities that most individuals in the galaxy would not have.

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I mean, what would have been the Jedi Order's reaction had they found out Anakin and Padme we're married and having kids against the code if Anakin wouldn't have flipped out on his own? Would they have intervened? Would they have taken the kids away?
Yes. The children would have been taken to the Temple, and raised by the Order. Removing children from their families and raising them from as early an age as possible entirely inside the Order was the modus operandi of the Jedi Order of that time.

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They didn't retcon it. That was what happened in the game. She cut herself off, but it was instinctive and she didn't realized she did it. The Jedi Councils sin was not telling her the truth about what happened.
They knew, they didn't actually do it to her.
Indeed. There was no retcon at all involved in Meetra Surik's loss of connection to the Force. Every time you meet a member of the Jedi Council in that game, each one's response to being asked "why did you do this to me?" is a variation on "You think we did this? We did not." The only person in TSL who claimed the Council had severed Surik's connection to the Force as punishment for following Revan and Malak during the Mandalorian Wars was Kreia - and she was not to be trusted, as she herself would tell you.