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06.30.2012 , 04:47 PM | #1
This may sound dumb, but hey, I can't figure it out. I click on the icon I see the options for FP and for Planetary locations. Although I have no idea what the planetary locations section is for, I care about the FP. I had grabbed the BT quest clicked the icon for group finder, selected FP button and hit 'join qu'. Great it worked got a group a while later.

Now I'm 16, I picked up Hammer Station from the currier, and then tried the group finder. I can't select the button for FP. I click the button to see the list of all FP and they are all greyed out, including Hammer. I reset the quest, I abandoned and got it again, all with the same results. So essentially, I'm not able to join a que for a FP I infact have the quest for and am even of level for.

Am I missing something here on how to use the group finder? Or is this a bug?