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06.30.2012 , 04:22 PM | #3
When more than half of the available HM flashpoints are at the difficulty level of Lost Island, then we'll talk.

As it stands, only one flashpoint in this game is remotely challenging (and if you have a group of players with brains and a care factor at least above zero, it's still not really hard). One lone, single flashpoint. The only people getting frustrated by this are players who believe that every single piece of content should be handed to them on a plate with zero effort on their part.

This isn't about elitism. This is simply about the fact that there is only one endgame 4-man group instance where I actually have to apply something resembling effort. I actually get to have a little bit of fun because LI requires I do more than faceroll my keyboard. I get kinda cranky at how many people want to take that away from me because (apparently) 90% of flashpoints being stupidly easy just isn't enough.