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06.30.2012 , 04:17 PM | #2
It's a Tier 2 flashpoint. It requires better gear and you to have learned skills when doing the Tier 1s that will let you then be ready for it.

Different levels of difficulty content in a game are a good thing, especially as now you can completely avoid doing LI and still get the best gear (well, excluding Campaign.) Once you have decent gear and a solid group clearing LI HM won't be so difficult although the thought of doing it without verbal communication fills me with a little dread. We foolishly tried to pug it this afternoon (3 of us, plus a random tank) and it went badly - the tank had never done it before, had poor gear and... yeah, it just was not so good. The fights take some time to learn but once you have...well... we cleared it in 45 minutes even though our tank for the run was an alt in mediocre gear.