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Ok until 1.3 I pretty much avoided flash points so I only recently got started. My 2 50's are tanks. I don't claim to be the best player ever but I was able to successfully tank and run False Emperor and Directive 7 well enough.

Then there was Lost Island.

I noticed the challenge level on this seems a lot higher then the other level 50 flash points. Some of the boss strategies can be very unforgiving. D7 and FE were definitely more casual.

Now I have noticed some people earlier on this board going on about how SWtor should try less and less to follow in the footsteps of WoW for example. While some of WoW's features, like leg queue finder is useful, Lost Island started to remind me more of the level of frustrating play one usually finds in WoW's heroics or raids. Basically my concern and observation is if SWtor continues to try and emulate WoW in this regards it might lead to too many frustrated players starting to hate on this game, those who feel victimized by kick voting cyber bully elitists or even guild drama.