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12.18.2011 , 11:28 PM | #4
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Who's bright idea was it to make a warzone thats all about zerging 2 spots in close proximity? I cringe whenever i get this warzone, because its a mess! There are a number of problems. The spawns are too close to the objectives, theres so much aoe going around, it takes forever to get past one point. Yes yes usually one side eventually breaks through, but its just not fun to me.

This is all my opinion, but with the increased health pools, the endless cc, and things i listed, i just do not enjoy this warzone. These are my concerns and i hope it gets mixed up.

Oh and i loathe the bolster system.
Where I agree with you that I hate the Voidstar warzone I disagree about the bolster system. as you stated, everyone is entitled to their opinion though.