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While I definitely understand where all the complaining is coming from, put the QQing aside. Can we get a distinct clarification on this perk?
We've confirmed that it does affect items that can receive an augment slot such as earpiece/implant/relic/wrist/belt/head/chest/legs/hands/feet/offhand/main hand.
Does it affect mods such as armoring/mod/enhancement/augment/barrel/hilt/color crystal?
Does it affect items such as speeder/ship part/grenade/stim/adrenal/med pack/augment kit?
Does it affect Crafting Mission critical success rates?
Does it affect Crew Skill Gathering critical success rates?
Also, for clarification's sake and to officially close this post after these questions are answered: can you ask around the BioWare office and get input from other departments to confirm everyone is on the same page with the definitions of this Perk?
Thank You in advance.
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