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the idea behind ranked warzones is for a team to go in together since when Season 1 starts you won't want to go with some randoms but rather a team you can communicate with and know will respond.
This is a good point, and you weren't nasty. I appreciate your input.

What I mentioned ^ is AFTER your guild or group is together.

That is why I said "going against" because once we we're all ready to get SOCIAL and start the mission... BAM....we couldn't do it.

We couldn't get social;

Because some people started The Weekly. This happened on both occasions after we already spent an hour getting the group together. Than we had to split up and start over. This happened over and over again. To sum it up. It would be great for BW to remove the weekly limitation (if you haven't actually finished it). These group members had started but not finished the mission we wanted to play before, and couldn't win because it was too tough.

When we already have to wait an hour EVERYTIME we get a group together (with LFG tool) than I believe BW needs to remove this limitation. It's already hard enough to get a group together, thats less and less people that we can group with...making the wait longer and longer...hence making people quit...hence making a SOCIAL GAME ...UNSOCIAL.