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One of the other things to consider, and probably why BW says it's a problem. There are a bunch of Flashpoints where you have to talk to Satele Shan (republic side) after you complete the Flashpoint. This would likely have to be removed or modified if you didn't return to the Flashpoint entrance. Just thinking this may explain it for now.
^^This. I agree with the OP that it would be nice for the Finder to send you back to where you were but a lot of FPs and World groupings require you to turn in the quest to complete it. A nice work around would be for it to send you back to your origin they let you Holocall in the completed quest with the people that were just in your group incase there are more social points to get during the turn in dialogue, or give you a choice of where it sends you. But I am enjoying the finder very much and am fine with it working the way it is until they update it the way i want (wink wink, nudge nudge)