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Quote: Originally Posted by FancyBarak View Post
I have a ventrillo server if that helps
Hey, hey there fella... you're in the wrong place and you need to give more information...

1. You should be in the server forums: Pick your server type, pick your server, check the LFG forum. If you don't already have a server you might want to read this guide before you pick one (LINK).

2. People are going to need to know what server you're on before they can reccomend one OR they are going to need to know what kind of guild you're looking for. Maybe both! For instance, if you wanted an all-female guild that spoke Mandarin and primarily does endgame ops from midnight to 2 AM Hong Kong time every day, you're going to get different results if than if you're looking for an all-Jewish social guild on US West PvP servers that doesn't login Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. :-)

Here's a way to narrow down maybe what kind of guild you're looking for, and some good resources to point you in the right direction (LINK).

Good luck out there, and good hunting!