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Then you should not use group finder.

And even if it did send you back to where you were, it would still interrupt what you were doing when you go in to do the flashpoint.
If you're gong to quote someone make sure to include the whole sentence . I said I dislike the interruption where I have to travel back to my original location. If I'm using the group finder I'm obviously fine with interrupting my regular scheduled programming to run the flashpoint, but I would prefer if it would drop me back to my original location so I can pick up right where I left off.

This is how there PvP system works. I believe that the same system should be used with their LFG tool.

If you're fine with the way it works. That's great. I just feel it can be improved upon, and was trying to see if others felt the same way. I really enjoyed Rifts system for this where it would plant you back at your take off point, and it also included cross-server queues for PvE as well as PvP.
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