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OK. Let's be straight enough.

A little background: I'm in general positive person, as well as I have experience with creative industries and management in the field.

To my understanding the following points are appropriate:

1. Each decision like this includes choosing lesser evil, and surely people try to make it as flawless as possible, also according to the strategic goals, values of the company they are working for etc
2. This decision (free transfer to PvP from RP-PvP server) definitely was not the lesser evil. It could have been predicted, however I think the data (which is accessible to the company) on player behaviour would confirm it already
3. Customers you are aiming for have different values, so in case of mass product you try to approach wider audience and people with different values
4. There are people who have a mindset and values fit for RP-PVP. RP PVP is definitely not closer to the values of PVP.
5. All the transfer process in Lord Calypho situation was not a good solution to retain customers with this particular values. I bet, some of the people who did transfer, feel (or will start to feel) cheated and that they were not provided the right amount of information where are they transfering and what is the cost of it
6. People who decided to remain...I know, it was probably good intention, but in last post community representative stated, that they encourage people who enjoy RP-PVP to remain on server. That sounds absolutly cynical, as there is NO encouragement in ANY form of action, reality is completely vice versa. The game definitely wasn't intended to be played as it is now on empty server. So where is this encouragement? You are kidding me??
7. People who are rolling alts on another RP-PVP (NA) or RP (EU) servers also feel/will feel alienated because of losing their stuff, friends, legacy, history etc on LC
8. Now imagine the feelings of all mentioned players, when they will realise, that to sort things out in any way they will have to pay for transfers. (Note: I'm sure, that there is no technical problem to make free transfers to several servers, it is corporate policy to enable more revenue from paid transfers)
9. RP-PVP crowd is not the biggest one, but one of the more mature, stable and loyal group of clients (I wonder, if company is analysing their numbers, they would see it right away). It doesn't pay for itself, but also contributes towards creating decent environment to attract more clients who try product out
10. Corporate policy with focus only on revenue will take you nowhere. From the facts, I can clearly say, that this game is either managed unprofessionaly, or the main focus is on $$$ and greed (one of the worst corporate values) contribute towards the fail. Of course, you can make quick buck today if you do not care about the product on the long term. But it's not the case anymore in our ever-changing reality.

Please, don't be shortsighted or you will lose. And - the most important - passion matters, not money. Company has to be passionate about how they create or run their product, not only say it in PR. People will feel it in the end...
Bloody well said that person!