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I'd head over to YouTube and search there. I used a video there that showed a path which didn't require any "Imperial entanglements..."
That is always my first port of call ... I have the url of nearly every available resource for all the mmo's I play, but this one Datacron is only shown from (A) getting the MGGS & then cuts to being at the actual Dam ... how they got through the Imperial Base is never shown

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you used to be able to jump up the ladder, that was removed with 1.2. you need to buy a Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MGGS)
I know WHERE it is & HOW to get up to it ... I just don't know HOW I am supposed to get through the Imperial Base with their Level 50 Droids & Turrets ...

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I managed to find a back way, so if anyone else comes here looking for info I'll try to describe it as best as I can:

Coming from the Juran Mountains I passed Outpost Bolyn & entered Kaamos Territory. Quite near where you enter Kaamos Territory just off the main path is a side track ... past some level 30 Killiks & there are some level 40 Killiks with them too ... you may have to fight a level 40 Killik or two, but much easier than level 50 Champion Droids guarding the Imperial Base.
You will have to drop down a cliff somewhat, although hugging the cliff as you fall softens the fall. This path leads directly to the Dam ... passing a cave with 3x level 40/41 Killiks standing guard.

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If there is another way, please let me know