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06.29.2012 , 09:14 AM | #2
There are diminishing returns on Crit & Surge which means stacking them completely is a bad idea. However, those same curves mean that initially at least stacking those two stats is the most efficient way to increase your average healing figures. Although things are a bit spikey because of crits (both from healers and enemies) what really matters is maximising your total healing throughput.

To do that, you should get your Crit to 300-400, your Surge to 200-300 and then start stacking Power. Alacrity is a bit contentious in terms of how much you need and varies by class but for the most part you can't avoid it completely and its much better for you than Accuracy (so take what comes and don't worry about it when choosing gear.) Some people argue that you should be right at the top of those ranges, I prefer the middle and then to stack Power (I'm at 700ish Power now) which lets me put out 7-8k heals very regularly as well as making my HOTs and Instants do big chunks.