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06.29.2012 , 08:58 AM | #1
I am a sith inquisitor and have mostly columi gear and ran hardmode EV just fine yesterday but Iím wondering how I should modify my gear. It seems that 20-30 bonus healing doesnít mean much but Iím curious to see what happens if I dump my crit and surge stats and stack as much power as possible, on the flip side I can get high amounts of crit and surge.

When it comes to healing the rule of thumb has been gear for output and ignore criting. Keeping your group topped off and not rely on a chance to crit to save your behind. But Iím curious if crit healing in this game is effective.

At some point like it or not people are going to take a big hit and are going to require multiple heals and criting is obviously more healing then not criting. I havenít played a mmo where a healer could get to 40% crit when there buffed does that = more output then stacking power to increase bonus healing....

I am expecting my answer to be a balance between the 2 what is the numbers how much crit % surge % and bonus healing I should shoot for?