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The first time I did the Fondor Escort I succeeded, but I had no idea how. The second time, no an alt character, the shuttle exploded from about 50% armor 20 seconds before the end of the mission. "Damn", I thought, "must have to kill an instagibb'ing enemy that I missed". Tried again, same issue... all fighters dead, no destroyers in sight, shuttle health at around 40%, the ship blows up and I get the "Mission failed" message. Trying several more times on two different characters, it would seemingly succeed or fail on a random basis but always in the last 20 seconds or so of the mission (I even had one failure where the ship exploded on about 90% health, so either the health bar was not updating or something od was going on).
Now, I do not bother with space missions until I have upgraded the ship to all level 1 or even level 3 gear... Fondor Escort and most of the next 5 missions are like shooting fish in a barrel, but it is certainly less frustrating.
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