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Do the servers REALLY need to go down for a patch? (Just hear me out on this, I don't know too much about MMO's and how to work) It seems to me that all you would really need to do is have them be down for like 30 minutes tops just to upload the patch...
There's more to deploying a patch than just uploading it. First, they have to bring the servers down, then place them in a maintenance mode. Once in maintenance mode, they have to install the patch, which could take 30 minutes or more, per server. And this has to be done to every server. Then, once the install of the patch is complete, each server has to be tested to make sure the patch was properly deployed. If all goes well, the servers come back up early. If not (as was the case a couple days ago) maintenance gets extended.

They give themselves extra time for maintenance in case of problems. More often than not, though, the servers are up before the end of the maintenance window.