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06.28.2012 , 10:57 PM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Eillack View Post
1 was to implement 1.3
1 was a hotfix in the middle of the night for most
Tomorrow will be the same don't like fixes?
Half the problem is... it's not in the middle of the fricking night for everyone! Half the world has lost how much game time this week? Beyond a joke. Yeah it's ok for Americans but the APAC servers are small, & we need prime time to get things done!

I am so knackerd from all this down time. Look, **** 1.3 if it's going to cause the servers to be down for this long. How about this Bioware.. I pay for a service I'm not getting atm! & none of this "Here is your $0.33 refund" that's the technical game time. What if you work from 4am til 4pm? Honestly they need to get their bloody act together, I mean yesterday took things too far where the servers shut down without any warning AT ALL. (at least on Gav they did.) & now they need to fix more things? Like for christ sake get it together guys!
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