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thanks, follow up question - last night I joined a PuG for EV HM and we got to SOA 10 mins before maintenance so they called it. My lockout now shows everybody but SOA in EV HM, but since it was a PuG how do I finish this? Will I be allowed to join groups that are starting before SOA? Or do I have to form a group exclusively to finish SOA?
You are locked to that instance of HM EV. If you zone into the Op you will still be in your run from Thursday. You won't be able to join a new HM EV instance.
If you are the leader of an Op you can bring 9 other people (who are not locked) in to just kill Soa - but - so could anyone else from that PuG (so he might already be dead).
I'm not sure if any new people you bring into your HM EV will be saved when they zone in, or if they need to kill Soa to become saved.
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